Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Are housekeeper tips mandatory in Vacation Rentals?

A: Tips for housekeepers at lodging accommodations of all kinds have become the sign of considerate Guests and just plain good manners. Due to their square footage and amenities, housekeeping at Vacation Rentals is back-breaking work. Considerate Guests will leave a tip of five to ten percent of the total rent. Far less than at a restaurant, but housekeepers work far harder.

Q: What is Goldener Inns & Resorts?

A: Goldener is a network of unique Inns, Resorts and Vacation Rental complexes such as condominum buildings and housing developments. The properties band together for quality, efficiency and and marketing. Services are provide by the Vortex Organization. Each company is individually operated and strives to offer industry best practices for Guests and Property Owners.

Q: Tell me about Sunspot Vacation Rentals?

A: Sunspots is a network of trained and certified Vacation Rental management companies working together to grow and improve the industry and their own operations. Vacation Homes may be located in every communities including lake, mountain and river locations and even in urban and suburban communities. Each company is individually operated and strives to offer industry best practices for Guests and Property Owners. Services are provide by the Vortex Organization.

Q: What is Plumbob Publishing?

A: A plumbob is an old fashioned tool used by carpenters to determine straight up and down. It is a string and a weight which, when allowed to dangle free always reflects a straight line downward. Our company has chosen the word Plumbob to represent our quest to produce straight forward and accurate publications. Some of these are conventional print and other media. And some are websites in a variety of specialty industries and narrow interests. This website is just one.

Q: I've lost my logon or password. What do I do?

A: No problem. Just go to the Login Page of our website. Look for the "Forgot your Password" link. Or you can call us during business hours.

Q: How do I purchase a Travel Insurance Plan?

A: You can purchase a Vacation Rental Insurance plan directly through your vacation rental company.

Q: After the Minimum 11 public units are available, can I block my condo?

A: Logon and check your Dashboard Calendar to count publicly available units. There must be 11 according to the Forest Service Lease. If there are 12 more units available, you can telephone the manager and request to block your condo. They will attempt to fairly and equitably determine priorities for who gets those available dates.

If you feel this was not done properly, you may call the Board President who will attempt to solve the situation fairly.

Q: And what's the idea behind VRIA?

A: Every Manager and Owner has needed help from time to time and had no where to turn. So we quizzed many folks and everyone agreed, an association was needed. Especially now that the industry is growing so quickly. Suppliers and website Publishers are invited to join to. See our Benefits List.

Q: Are barbecues available all year?

A: The Association provides propane barbecues in the central area located between the buildings and attempts to keep them usable year round, but that is sometimes not possible due to snow fall and ice.

Q: Are bookings cancellable?

A: Yes, sometimes - cancellation policies vary by the individual property, season of the year and how far in advance the cancellation request is received. There may be a fee, or a re-sell may be required. Ask when booking. Cancellation policy is written on your Booking Confirmation.

Q: Are linens & towels provided?

A: We provide quality towels and linens are provided for the number of registered Guests. We'll replace towels each day but you can choose to re-use them to help us save water and resources. For longer stays linens are changed every third day. We also provide all paper products and soap.

Q: Are Linens included with the rental?

A: Yes. But there is no daily maid or towel services. For longer stays we change linens every fourth night. Daily cleans can be arranged for a charge., or you can use the washer/dryer in the ski room.

Q: Are there any other fees for using the VRMLS?

A: None that are mandatory. VRIA does offer other services such as Inspections, Arbitration, etc which members who choose to participate in.

Q: Are there any setup fees for VRMLS?

A: There are no setup fees. In fact, there are no additional fees to list properties on the VRMLS so long as Owners and Managers are members of the Vacation Rental Industry Association (

Q: Are there instructions for Publishers on how to interface?

A: Yes we will write Publisher instructions available on line under the Documents Page. You will be able to view these documents once you are a member of the MLS.

Q: Are there parking permits for Owners?

A: Condo Owners are provided several stickers each year that are to be affixed to the vehicles left from window. Guests are emailed a temporary permit with their emailed confirmation. Owners can get additional temporary permits for visitors by calling the office phone.

Q: Are there Rules for Guests?

A: Yes - to keep owners, neighbors and other guests happy there are guidelines to follow. In general we ask that Guests comport themselves in quiet, safe and unselfish manner and that they treat the property and the area with respect.
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Q: Are there stairs to get to my Condo?

A: We are located on the East hillside of the valley so it is necessary to walk up stairs but you can park temporarily on the South side which makes it easier. There is no elevator.

Q: Are Vacation Rentals expensive?

A: To the contrary. Some homes are smaller and very affordable. But even the largest villas prove to be a bargain when you calculate the per-person cost. Homes come in all shapes and sizes.

Q: Are vacation rentals timeshares?

A: No. Properties in our network are primarily owned by private parties and families. We do not sell timeshares or promote timeshare presentations. No mandatory sales pitches.

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